Wedding Films


Husband and wife team Colin and Bridget Beattie have filmed more than a hundred weddings around Essex and he south East. They were the team which shot my hair and make up Video!  

Bride and Zoom

A South Coast Based Wedding Video Production Company who travel all over the UK filming weddings. I was lucky enough to work with them in 2017 and was very impressed! Russell put everyone completely at ease and made the whole process fun and enjoyabe. Highly Recommended

Handcraft pictures

"Your wedding is a moment in your life that truly belongs to you, a refection of your unique companionship- let us help you capture this, in our own inimitable, handcrafted way" 

Film Maker Toby Sleigh- Johnson

White Dress Films

Based in Bishop Stortford but working all over the UK. A very high reputation!

"Every care is always taken to make sure your unique story is beautifully captured in real-time, no re-takes or scripts, all the while being as unobtrusive as possible."